Last Updated: April 1, 2020


We are able to fill growlers/howlers, take pizza orders, as well as kegs for purchase. Please call ahead with any pizza orders.

Thank Quad

Belgian Dark Strong/Quadrupel | 8.5% ABV
Bitterness: Low

A Belgian Dark Strong, otherwise known as a Belgian Quadrupel, was traditionally brewed by Belgian monks in their monastery.  Thank Quad is true to style and has flavors of raisin along with a good amount of plum, followed by some fig/date. It is a very complex beer, and dangerous at 8.5% ABV.

Battle Brew Blonde

Hoppy Blonde Ale | 4.9% ABV
Bitterness: Low

Battle Brew Blonde is a hoppy blonde ale made in collaboration with HopYard29 in Sidney, OH with their Comet and Chinook hops.  An easy drinking beer with low bitterness but a nice fruitiness from the hops.

This beer was originally made for a yearly hunt that is put on for veterans by Chris & Christine Meyer, HopYard29, and Meyer Lodge.  This event has some people is small and low key but does have some big names involved, including country singer Darryl Worley and former MMA fighter Randy Couture.  Since then we have continued to make this beer (still with HopYard29 hops) with $1 from every pint going to Merging Vets and Players (MVP), a veterans charity that Randy Couture is involved with.  Learn more about them at

Velvet Sledgehammer

 Double India Pale Ale (DIPA) | 8.3% ABV
Bitterness: Med

This double IPA finishes very dry and is not over-the-top bitter. It has some nice tangerine and orange notes along with a bit of pine, resin, and just a touch of dankness. Remember that it is 8.3% ABV or it will hit you like a velvet sledgehammer!

Birthday Suit

Oatmeal Stout | 4.8% ABV
Bitterness Low-Med

A nice stout that is smooth and easy drinking with notes of chocolate and light caramel.  It has a wonderfully sweet and toasted oat flavor from the use of golden naked oats instead of flaked oats.  Think of the difference of using malt powder versus flower (with a little bit of nuttiness and caramel thrown in).  The oats still lend that nice, creamy mouthfeel, but also contributes to the flavor.

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